Monday, June 6, 2011

WalkWalkFindEat: USA, May 10 -May 25, 2011 (Day 6)

On the 6th day, we have to help BIL to wrap his boxes @ his apartment.  He had to ship all the boxes by May 19th.  EMB & I were helping him with a few boxes.  Done with the boxes, I went to the kitchen to help MIL prepare the breakfast cum lunchWe didn't go anywhere except getting around State College.

me @ the kitchen

the nasi goreng "impit" - nasi that I cooked was too lembik...hahaha...x biasa dgn rice kt sana....biasa I used herba ponni rice yg kena taruk air byk.  rice kt sini x boleh taruk air byk2, otherwise it'll turn out lembikss like this

ayam pedas

me tgh washing the dishes

all the boxes penuh rmh
Ada live show.....(actually one of the guitar string dh putuss...tu dgr mcm sumbang je...)

nk pegi book store tapi dh tutup

cantik kan the flowers
if only I can plant this pokok @ home...
This is what they have in State College.....Macy's shopping mall....mcm2 ada....siap boleh buat belian pre sale lagi....boleh bayar dulu apa2 yg kita berkenan, then bila sale pergilah ambil brg tu...boleh dpt harga sale lah.  They also can deliver ke rmh...begitu mudah sekali!

dpn shopping mall state college

We had dinner @ India Pavillion, don't worry...they serve halal meat here...chicken soup kt sini was sooo...tasty & different from what we have back in Malaysia......

chicken makhani & chicken soup in the white bowl
tandoori chicken


vege samosa


the best Indian food I have ever had... be continued.....


  1.'s really cool & cooling!!

  2. syok la amy ada pembantu tlg pack barang2 dia..hehee

  3. hahaha...brg2 kami jugak tu...tumpang kontena dia...

  4. Assalamualaikum Yong Dragon, selamat nyongket USA! Eh ni jalan2 ke terus sangkut?

  5. W'salam Yong.....jln2 je...heeee...