Monday, December 10, 2012

It's Been A Year

"It's been a year since we moved here.  Today is the day we set our foot in the land of desert with full of hope.  Hoping that our lives could be better than before.  Hoping that there's a sunshine to make us happy.  Hoping that that the kids will grow up in positive social environment.  Yes, we're afraid but keeping Allah in our hearts, remembering Allah in our mind really put our mind at ease & peace." 

Okay, from 1 year experience  I have concluded:

1.  NEVER afraid to migrate.  There's a risk but succesful people always comes from risk taker people.  If you failed, there's no istilah "terlambat", you can always turn back and fix it! 

2.  Opportunity comes once in life.  Just think about your future.  It's true, we heard stories, a lot of stories before we move to Qatar. Some are bad stories, some are not.  Be sure of yourself, please investigate first about the company you're going to work with. Things happen for a reason anyway...highly positive thinking is needed here!

3.  When we get something, we will lose something.  But make sure what you will get is waaaaaay better than you have before!

4.  Experience new life, explore new world, feel new weather and climate, make new friends and learn something new.  Isn't it priceless??!

5.  On top of that, istikharah, solat hajat & doa + tawakal....

Here's some photos to remember how we looked like 1 year ago....

 The good things are:

1.  EMB & I are loosing weight, I lost about 5kg throughout the year.  EMB lost more than 10kg!  I hope he can keep reducing his weight to reach my target.  For health reason actually...

2.  I didn't have any asthma attack here.  

and now, I really need to enter English Class.  First, must get EMB buy a bicycle for me.  Without transportation it's impossible for me to go there.  I can walk if the place is near to my house.  But it's quite far from my place :((

Teruk kan Oh! My English??