Sunday, January 22, 2012

Nasi Dagang di Doha

CD invited us to have lunch at his place.  His wife cooked nasi dagang!  Tenkiu again...

nasi dagang ikan tongkol, udang + telur rebus...yum yum...

Before & after

EMB (in the middle, boleh agak kot EMB yg mana satu) & his friend Che Din (the long hair one) during their graduation day in 1998

EMB & CD after 14 years....
Now, spot the difference! 

Jom ikut we all - visiting our new house!

Before that, I want to tell you that we all dpt dua kegembiraan Khamis lepas (19/01/2012) - first, we have finally received keys of our new house & second, EMB got his Qatar Driving License!  What a big relief!  Saturday morning, EMB terus pergi rent-a-car.  We've rented a Toyota Corolla (Altis) for QR2,600 (RM2219.15)/month.  Now, we are looking forward of owning a car....boleh start survey kedai kereta dh ni.  Frankly speaking, ada yg dtg kerja kt Qatar semata2 utk dptkan their dream car.  Byk kereta yg best2 affordable kt sini, yg kalau kt M'sia kita hanya mampu bermimpi.  Car price is almost 1/2 cheaper than our home country, while petrol price was damn cheap too!!  We refueled the car (masa tu indicator dia dh merah), full tank harga minyak dia cuma QR40.00 (RM34.14).  Murah tak??

Ok, jom ikut I jalan2.....

harta karun kt tepi2 jalan je ni

last week I lalu jln ni, kereta ni dh tersadai kt sini.  yesterday, I lalu pun kereta eksiden ni masih di situ

intai2 kot ada wild camel yg sesat....

di Qatar, traffic light x byk, roundabout yg paling byk...letih...asyik nk kena lalu ikut roundabout je

sandstorm, tapi x kuat sgt

ha, kt sini la we all akan tinggal nnti

speed limit x boleh lebih 25km/hr, siap ada polis lagi kt dlm yg pantau speed limit
dh sampai - pintu masuk dapur

main door

pintu pagar ke backyard, there's one room at the back.  complete with toilet/bathroom.  since we don't have maid, that room will be empty.  EMB cakap, kita buat guest room.  kot2 la member blogger I nk dtg visit! 

kt tepi rmh...we all dpt rmh hujung....semi-D (2-storey)

Lulu hypermarket, kalau nk beli pinggan mangkuk kt sini la tempatnya....corelle agak murah jugak sini

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Panel Clinic @ Al-Ahli Hospital & Hyatt Plaza

Saturday, Jan 14, 2012 -Well, si kakak & Sophie are not feeling well.  Sophie couldn't sleep last night due to her blocked nose & coughing.  I don't want to wait any longer & rushed them to the clinic the next morning.  Panel Clinik company terletak dlm kawasan Al-Ahli Hospital.  EMB cakap hospital ni mcm hotel!

Kt clinic ni x perlu tunggu lama, ada ramai Dr yg bertugas, mungkin 10 orang Dr or more.  Dr yg we all jumpa Dr arab, surprised he knows a few Malay words like 'batuk", & even asked me sneezing in our language!  Service ok, medicine pun ok.  After that, we catched a cab to go to the Hyatt Plaza!

@ the clinic

I pernah kena during last Ramadhan, when Sophie got an asthma attack, the whole night, the whole day were ruined.  It was severe attacked as she couldn't breathe, she couldn't sleep.  We rushed her to the Klinik Rantau at 3.00am to get the nebulizer.  and she was referred to MCK.  After the test & x-ray done, yes, paru2 kena jangkitan kuman.  Admitted @ daycare while waiting for room.  The whole day seems not going to be ok.  Until buka puasa pun we didn't get a room, they said, bilik ada...tgh polish...

After break fasting, we've decided not to let Sophie admitted, we're going home.  Sure, we're having problem of discharging Sophie without a Dr's consent.  The billing staff said that they can't let us go....We sticked to our decision, we want to go back.  Whatever will be will be......, lastly the billing staff asked us to sign @ the bill, they will call us later to setlle.  That is the worst day in that year.  I don't want to go to MCK again.  All I want is be honest to us.  Let say, xde bilik, cakap lah xde.  Jgn xde bilik tapi ckp ada.  

I continued Sophie's medication & treatment @ Klinik Alamanda Kerteh.  There is where I rasa selesa dgn Dr kt situ.  I told him from beginning to the end of the story.  The MCK staff didn't call me, I'm the one who called them to check on the bill whether it is ready or not.  The bill is ready, I have to go there to sign on the bill.  Luckily, all the expenses are covered by the company.  But, we are ready just in case we have to bear all the expenses by ourselves.  ye la kan, dh jadi kes pulak ni dgn MCK.  Takut kena charge patient lari.  We're not running away!!  We just didn't satisfied with the service, we have the right not to continue the treatment.  Merapu jauh pulak I, terkenangkan kisah last year.  Ujian yg bertimpa-timpa di bulan Ramadhan...

I told EMB that by hook or by crook, we must go to the Hyatt Plaza.  I want to buy something @ Daiso.  Yes, Qatar pun ada Daiso taw!  The flat price is QR7.00 for all items unless stated otherwise.  Kt M'sia flat price is RM5.00.  I'm looking for laundry net, try to find @ other store but couldn't find one.  This is very important to me sbb all my brassiere & panties abis rosak akhlak masuk washing machine.  Kalau ada laundry net, dia protect the delicate clothing dr rosak.  

Sambil2 tu I did some survey on furniture @ Home 'r' Us.  Wah...ok jugak furniture kt sini.  Harganya boleh tahan....mahal tapi berkualiti.  But since company gave us some money to spend on furniture, it was a big relief la kan.  x payah nk keluar duit sendiri utk beli all the furnitures.  If EMB resigned before 4 years of service, we have to pay the furniture allowance back to the company!  That's how the company made the staff stayed longer.  They want us to feel comfortable.  Bukan senang nk senang sebenarnya, we have to start from scratch.  Although we have everything in our home country, here we are just about to begin our new life...not as easy as 1,2,3...

I just got a phone call from EMB, he said that we can move to Al-Khor community this week.  Finally, a permanent house!  What a relief!!!   I will posting the photo of our permanent house before we move.  I'm afraid that, it may take some time to get connected to the internet  again.  Gah...can't imagine a day without the internet!

Hyatt Plaza, The largest shopping cart in the world (?)! - pic from google

Hyatt Plaza is a shopping mall located in Al Waab Area next to Villaggio Mall in Doha, Qatar.
It features:
  • International shops and restaurant chains.
  • A large food court with various fast food.
  • Jungle zone is a play area for children.
  • Giant Stores hypermarket.
 Source:  Wikipedia

Daiso - pic from Google
Home 'r' Us
Shater Abbas Restaurant
Lari kabab

Friday, January 13, 2012

Ice Hockey

Best jugak tgk mat saleh lawan ice hockey kt Villaggio.  Last week, on Friday I dtg pun ada dorang lawan jugak.  I saja je, lepak kt tepi ice skating rink tu sementara tunggu EMB solat Jumaat.  Kids xde lah bosan sgt menunggu kalau ada sesuatu yg menarik perhatian mereka utk ditonton....I beli snacks...mineral water, then lepak kt situ sambil tgk org lawan ice hockey,  bersejuk-sejukan kt tepi rink tu.  Next week pun I nk dtg lagi sini...syok pulak tgk ice hockey punya match.

I ada bought some fruits & vege masa kt carrefour tadi.  Ini senarai harganya (just utk panduan harga):
1.  Kiwi fruits - QR6.50/kg (RM5.60/kg), I beli  6 biji QR4.26 (RM3.66)
2.  Avocado - QR11.00/kg (RM9.50/kg), I beli 2 biji  QR3.59 (RM3.09)
3.  Fuji Apple (medium) - QR5.50/kg (RM4.73)  I beli 6 biji QR7.36 (RM6.33)
4.  Round White Cabbage (kobis bulat) - QR0.75/kg (RM0.65) I beli sebiji (berat & besar jugak) QR1.05 (RM0.90)

**harga RM tu I dh convert dr QR