Monday, December 20, 2010

Banjir di Lorong Seroja 4, Kg Baru Kemasik

I tak tahu bila start banjir....coz we were not here on that time....baru balik dr holiday. Lepas tu nya pulak, MPV yg nk hantar we all balik tu pun mati tgh2 jln masa tgh redah2 air tu....ingatkan sbb masuk air ke apa, rupa2nya abis minyak...dh satu masalah lagi...kesian kt akak tu ngan anak dia. Terperangkap kt mohon bantuan bantuan nebor mintak tolong hantar minyak tapi mungkin rmh dia pun teruk kena banjir x boleh nk dtg. Dia mintak tolong someone else hantar minyak tu. Tapi dlm pd dok tggu tu, akak tu (k Normah)tahan satu pick up, suruh we all tumpang pick up tu utk balik rmh. So, we all risau jugak la nk tinggalkan dia kt situ while anak dia pegi cari minyak...bantuan yg we all tunggu pun x tiba lagi.

Hati berbelah bagi...tapi k Normah cakap dia ok. Then, we all tumpang pick up tu yg dh baik hati nk hantar we all balik. Tapi bila dh sampai lorong rmh we all tu, dia pun x berani nk redah sbb air makin naik & dalam. So, dia drop we all kt jln yg paling dekat utk we all balik. So, dlm gelap2 malam....nasib baik hujan dh start berenti (sblm tu lebatnya bukan main), we all redah dgn all the plastic bags, backpack & 1 luggage (berat ni - kesian kt my husband), we all redah air banjir yg dh takat paha I. Balik2 tgk rmh dh penuh air...kereta jgn ckp la....alarm x berhenti memekik sampai bateri kong baru dia diam (itupun dh nk pagi baru stop). I dh x boleh nk tido dh...every few minutes I akan pegi sukat air tu takat mana dh dari level rmh...last sekali x sampai 1 inci kot lagi air nk masuk rmh. Kt dlm toilet air dh melimpah masuk....Nothing much we can do at the very time...I hanya mampu solat hajat & baca yassin mintak pertolongan dr Allah semoga air x masuk dlm rmh & cpt surut serta hujan cpt berhenti.

Alhamdulillah...masa I tgh pantau air tu, nampaknya ia sudah turun sedikit demi sedikit...baru lega hati I, tapi x sepenuhnya...memikirkan apa yg bakal berlaku nnti..So, kt bwh ni video yg I amik smlm...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Go Healthy - Steamboat @ Johnny's

Well, we have chosen to have steamboat for lunch this time. Seems to be very healthy with all the veges...., fresh fish ball...., fresh chicken...., mushrooms...and etc...and etc....hmmm...yummy..
with all the ingredients (raw one) waiting to be boiled into the soup. This is Thai Steamboat set B (for 2 person) - RM29.90++

let's dig in!!

it's all gone....

Monday, December 13, 2010

All about Harry Potter!!

We went to watch movies the other day. Harry Potter of course! Since then all we talked about was always Harry Potter. Plus more, my husband has installed new apps on my iPhone...called iBooks. So, I can read all Harry Potter books just right on my iPhone....and he also got that one too! Every single time we sticked on our iPhone to read those books....we've been racing on that...but I cannot deny that my husband will be finished reading all the books first....He always did that. Something special & unique about him...he loves books...he can finished reading a very very thick book in just few days...I can't beat matter what!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Pantai Kemasik on Dec 04, 2010

We have passed by pantai Kemasik this evening (it was raining day today). So, I have recorded a video of how scary the wave was....

So, you guys out there, pls stay away from the beach during this monsoon season especially your's really really dangerous...

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Restoran Tuu.....Dia Pak Tam, Bandar Baru Selayang

I ate mee rebus & pasemboq here...mee rebus sgt sedap...but pasemboq was still under my expectation...the taste still can't reach the standard of Penang or Kedah pasemboq. But they also offer nasi campur here, I have eaten that one once...sedap jugak lauk dia...which are lauk pauk masakan utara....

mee rebus TDPT

pasemboq TDPT

Restoran De Abang, Rawang

This restaurant was amazing...there's load of food...until you don't which one you want to choose...but I manage to eat ulam with sambal belacan, grill fish (they wrapped it with banana leaves - the aroma yummy!), fried paru (which also one of my favourite), tempe & some asam pedas tasted heaven!! so, give it a try, you won't be sorry...but make sure you come earlier, if not the restaurant will be full of customers (I'm afraid no tables & seats will be available at that time, have to wait for sure...). They also give a free dessert such as pengat pisang or serawa pisang..
can't see the food...there's lotsa people queing for it...

father-and-son get together....

More November Treats - 10th Anniversary Token

We have decided to have this one as a token of our 10th presenting...tada....

a new car!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

November Treats - Anniversary Lunch @ Tarbush Restaurant Bukit Bintang KL

We went for lunch instead of dinner!! But it's okay as long as eating treat, I'm fine...We have made up our mind to eat @ Tarbush Restaurant (a lebanese/turkish restaurant if I'm not mistaken) because we love the middle-eastern dishes so much...

photo session...

Waiting to order...

The menu....

The Tarbush Mixed Grill...our favourite one...


The wraps....we have to stuffed "the grill" in it & put on its special white sauce, then wrap it.

Monday, November 22, 2010

TGV @ Mesra Mall & to-do-list

Who says in Kerteh got nothing to do??? Now we have TGV to watch movies, & we even have bowling lanes to play bowling.....Just 5 minutes driving from my I have a chance to watch midnight show with my husband. Since the kids are not around for about a month, I have lots to are the lists:

1. Tension pimples popped out non-stop on my face - it's time to go facial
2. Cutting the grass keliling rumah
3. Planting the banana tree - just did this morning
4. WalkWalkFindEat - undecided yet where to go
5. Ganti puasa - baru nk masuk 2 hari ganti
6. Shopping - can't overspent, have to save a lot of money for the "biggestest" things
7. Tenang2kan fikiran which means do anything I like
8. Watching midnight show - waiting for the right movie

Thursday, November 11, 2010

10th anniversary: tin/aluminum

Today we celebrate our 10th anniversary (tin/alumiunium). So many things we've been through during past 10 years. But "You have made me a better person by loving me for who I am."
That's how we looked like 10 years ago...I was 22 & he was 24 (& skinny too....hohoho...) at that time. Our annivesary dinner has to be postponed, until we export the kids balik kg this school holiday.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Restoran Mee Abu, Alor Setar Kedah

My husband & I mesti cari punya mee abu if we all balik alor setar. Ntah best sgt rasa mee abu dgn kuah dia yg pekat tu, yg penting dia punya cucur tu...rangup2...pergghh...teringin nk mkn lagi...bila lah dpt balik lagi sana...once a year je kot we all balik sana...time raya, layan gambar mee abu!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What a day!

My husband's broke down @ his office, while "my car" (actually also his car - I use this car to fetch my kids from school) still in the workshop. So, we have one car now until the other car been fixed. It because of battery "kong" (he forgot to turn off the light since morning). When he want to go out to fetch the kids from school, the engine can't start up. He called me to ask my neighbor to fetch to kids from school as he couldn't make it. So, I called my neighbor & ask for help. Thanks to her for helping me...

My husband came back home only during Maghrib.....long story. Ok, dinner ready for him. After he perform Maghrib prayer, we sat on dining table began our conversation. Long story cut short, he told me that he called AAM (because we member of AAM)around 12 something...AAM called its panel in Dungun (which is the nearest to his workplace, but the panel called someone else to go there. He wait & wait until evening, nobody turn up...once again he called AAM. Then, the AAM panel called him, he told that he asked someone else to go there, he thought everything settled already. He then, rushed there by himself. Just to change a battery, nothing else. "The panel are chinese & and the other guy is from Malay workshop" the malay one just dissapeared like that, don't even answer call from my husband after he called my to tell that he may late to go there. I don't know why is this happened...tak mau bisnes kaaa....??

Monday, October 18, 2010

Restoran Penyu (Oriental Foods)

Dh lama I saw that restaurant but takut nk singgah...takut coz ingatkan this is a chinese restaurant. One day, I ask my hubband to stop by just to investigate whether this is Malay or Chinese restaurant. I take a look at menu the notice board the put in front of the restaurant, now I am confident. It's halal restaurant. So, I called my hubband & asked him whether if he wanted to try this delicious chinese food or not.

I told him that I am very confident this is halal after a few investigations I made. We decided to eat there. I asked the cashier, who is the owner of this restaurant...he said that it was owned by one Malay guy. He did mention his name but I was forgot already...

Ok, we ordered package set lunch for 2-3 persons which we can choose (from the menu) 4 dishes + white rice + herbal tea + mixed fruit. We chose steamed fish in nyonya style (it's chef recommended), red tomyam soup, fried chicken with lemon sauce, fried prawn (forgot what cooking style hehehehe) was all sedap. so, if you WalkWalkFindEat in Paka area, pls drop by & and give it a try!

Address : Restoran Penyu
Oriental Foods
No 16747 Jalan Besar, Kampung Cacar
Paka, 23100 Dungun, Terengganu

Tel/Fax : 09-8276990

Open From: 12.00pm - 10.00pm (Saturday-Thursday)
4.00pm - 11.00pm (Friday)

*Fully air-conditioned

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Restoran Beijing Cafe (Masakan Cina Muslim)

When I was in kuantan, this is the place where I always buy chicken rice...the best chicken rice in town! The owner is a chinese-muslim, Mr Taufiq Wong. He's very friendly you know, yet still single, if you WalkWalkFindEat in kuantan, pls don't forget to try his chicken rice. It is located near Bukit Rangin mosque....just next to the mosque.

My husband & Taufiq Wong

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Puasa di kampung

Last Thursday I went back to my hometown in Kelantan. Saja nk feel suasana berpuasa kt kampung I, yang dah lama I tak rasa. Well, suasana mmg tak sama mcm dulu lagi...all the stall during ramadhan moved to other place...mungkin more convenient utk org dtg beli compared to the existing pasar.

Our pasar quite meriah once upon a time. People form other places came here to buy juadah berbuka puasa. But now, I don't know why year by year makin kurang org yg jual2 kt pasar tu. Sure, sikit tahun lagi pasar tu akan "mati" dgn sendirinya....I don't see the spirit in previous years....years when my late grandmother was one of the penjual kuih muih...really miss her kuih so much...her cendol, onde2 gula melaka, puteri mandi and lots more kuih she made...

Luckily, my mom prepared my favourite dish "ketupat sotong" I ate it and taste like heaven...thanks to my mom for that! Baru boleh merasa ayam percik yg kuah dia white colour not the percik yg red colour tu....tak ori...Ordered earlier serunding daging kt my mom, if not, it will be sold out!! Dekat2 nk raya ni mmg laku serunding daging..

Friday, August 13, 2010

Kurma free

Tak sangka pulak bila duk Terengganu ni dpt kurma free....hmmm....wonder adakah semua org dpt??? agaknya la...

Untung jugak duk kt sini, tahun ni we all x payah buy kurma at all....sbb hubby dh bwk balik 1 container kurma from his company and got 1 box from state gov. Jimat....jimat...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Kedai Dobi Bandar Baru Kerteh

Last week I hantar my comforter kt salah satu kedai dobi kt area Bandar Baru Kerteh. Quite difficult nk cari kedai dobi yg buka sampai ke mlm...biasanya dorang sumer bukak kedai ikut office hour. So, saturday baru ada peluang nk hantar.

Lagi satu surprise kt sini.....jeng..jeng...jeng...

"Kak, bila boleh siap ni?"
"2 minggu baru siap"
(I dlm hati, almost fainted kt situ....mak aiii...lamanya nk siap satu comforter...kalau kt kuantan dlm 3 hari dh boleh siap dah. kalau buat sendiri kt rmh sehari pun dh siap, tapi terpaksa hantar kt dobi sbb washing machine kt rmh tu kecik, x muat nk masuk comforter)

Sabar...sabar....itu je yg mampu I cakap..

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Gerai makan kt tepi Pantai sura Dungun

Ntah ler...susah betul nk cari tempat makan yg kena dgn selera kt sini. I rasa nk try burger baru mcD but my husband refused nk pegi mkn mcD. So, lajak punya lajak terus ke Dungun which is 30 over km away from our house...x tahu nk mkn kt mana last2 berenti kt deretan gerai2 kt tepi pantai sura yg dekat UiTM Dungun tu.

We ordered mee sup 2, nasi air, laksa penang, rojak ayam, cendol, tea o ais limau and air suam. pastu I amik goreng2 for me and my kids...fishball...sotong celup tepung etc. The the result is......we are so dissapointed...the mee sup was sooooo masin, nasi air: so-so, the worst is laksa penang...the kuah was so cair, tulang ikan bersepah kt dlm tu, the laksa itself rasa mcm mkn plastik...keras semacam. cendol was tasteless...x sedap langsung. This time I realized how I miss cendol pakcik yg kt depan Alliance Bank Jln Beserah Kuantan (in front of Ten Ten Jln Beserah). Dari zaman student sampai I beranak-pinak skrg pakcik tu masih jual kt situ. Cendol dia marvellous...boleh mintak cendol ABC, cendol pulut (pulut bakar....pergh!!!)....

Melalut pulak I sbb terbayang2 cendol pakcik tu, next week before puasa if I turun kuantan nnti nk mintak my husband singgah kt gerai cendol pakcik tu. continue cerita tadi pasal makan kt tepi pantai sura tu. I makan pun mulut mengomel2 komplen kt my husband, kata x sedap, makan x puas..bila dh abis makan I panggil waiter kita...guess how much we all kena????!!! It's RM30.00...we all x puashati suruh dia kira semula....kira punya kira dia kata RM29.00 pulak dah....eee....rasa mcm x padan je mkn mcm tu kena dekat RM30.00. Pastu we all terus pangkah gerai tu....first and last mkn kt situ. Kalau mkn kt Pizza Hut pun RM30.00 tu dh sedap + kenyang + puashati. On the way back tu, my husband membebel2 dan dia mcm dh merajuk xnak pegi dh kedai tu (hehehehe dia yg bayar kan...).

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Me & my asthma

I got mild asthma attack since last week. It's always associate with my allergy/sinus. I'm allergic to some food...and when I ate those food, I started to sneezing all them time, itchy and running nose, sore throat and so on. After that, coughing will took place...and asthma will attack me at that time.
I feel so lazy to see doctor. Luckily I got my inhaler at home, and for cough treatment I use "ubat batuk cap ibu & anak". It doesn't help much, but it's okay now cause I use honey as natural remedy to treat my cough & asthma. Feel much better today.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Durian Feast!

Yesterday, our neighbor invited us to makan pulut durian at their house. I don't eat durian at all...not because I hate the king of fruit but I just don't like the stays longer in my mouth. So, I prefer not to eat....

It was just simple pulut durian but my husband enjoyed it very much...since her wife don't eat durian, dia pun xde chance lah nk makan at, my kids pun hanya si kakak tu je mkn durian...the rest pun follow I, x pandai nk mkn durian...

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Moving from Kuantan to Kerteh

It was a month now we live here in Kerteh. Not so much fun here. But it was sooooooooooooo......peaceful living here in kampong. I like it here. Where I have more space for my cars, kids can play all around inside our house compound and sometimes monkeys were hanging around at the backyard, but they are all afraid of us!


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Own Blog at Last....

I don't know what to say on this very first entry....well, I'm very happy that I have created my own blog after all this while I just using my husband's blog. From now on I can share anything about my passion...TRAVEL & FOOD.....