Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sophie Merajuk

Balik sekolah semalam, I singgah al-Meera mini market, tumpang EMB.  Nk beli roti utk breakfast esok.  Sophie sibuk kata dia nk makanan (pantang bila dgr I nk pergi shopping, mesti ckp lapar atau nk makanan).  I hanya beli roti & susu je la, sbb x cukup duit nk beli yg lain2.  Duit bwk ngam2 je.  Jadi I x beli la apa2 utk sophie.  Biasa I belikan dia coklat atau apa2 dia suka. 

Sampai rumah sophie dh start merengek2 kata dia lapar.  I kata tunggu la kejap mama amik Doritos kt dapur.  Pastu lps I bukak Doritos, I panggil la Sophie dtg amik kt dapur.  I sibuk nk siapkan makanan EMB nk lunch.  Panggil byk kali tapi x berjawab sblm tu dgr dia mcm nangis dh.  EMB panggil I, "mai tgk pasaipa sophie x dtg".  I pun pelik la kenapa senyap je, cari pun x jumpa....EMB tunjuk kt I, "tu haaaa"...

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Black Beauty

 ****Edisi tayangan khas utk family di Malaysia

22/02/12 - EMB  dh dpt amik kereta stlh all documentations completed.  Siap dlm masa 2 days je from the date of submission.  After kereta dh dpt baru lah boleh apply loan.  Pelik kt sini kan, kereta dh dpt dulu, loan kemudian baru boleh apply, stlh nama kenderaan dh didaftarkan & ditukar hakmilik kpd nama kita.  Namun, tetap kena bayar downpayment ye!  EMB amik loan company je, senang.  Deduct terus je dr salary.  

EMB got himself this car because the kids like it so much.  After consider so many things & did some studies on a few model, we have decided to buy this Black Beauty.  It's 7-seaters, all-wheel-drive.  Otherwise, I also place my interest on GMC Acadia (kalau x jadi beli CX-9).  But kalau boleh la kan....I nak BMW X6 (verangan x abis2!!).

acara bukak plastic cover

kereta ni kalau isi minyak full tank dlm QR60++ lebihkurang RM49.62++ duit kita.  boleh jalan dlm 600km++.  EMB kata kalau kt M'sia isi minyak full tank mcm ni ada kot dlm RM100++

this is the colour that we wanted at first, but we have cancelled last minute. Because we thought "Black is Beauty"...that is...

Monday, February 27, 2012

Hareez Injured

When I picked Sophie up today, I received a phone call from Hareez teacher.  She told me that Hareez fell down & got hurts.  She don't know what happened, maybe Hareez doesn't know how to tell what's going on to his teacher.  You know, his English not so fluent!  So, she asked me to come to the school first aid room.  Try to call EMB as he at Al Waha Club having training today.  Just a ferw meters from school.  My phone couldn't get through his phone.  The problem was I didn't bring my Qatar ID.  I left it at home.  So that, I must go back & pick my ID then going back to school to see Hareez.  Luckily I met my friend Fuzah she knew my problem & when I arrived home, I saw her car in front of my house.  She gave me a ride to school, together we go to see Hareez.  

He was sitting on bed in first aid room, there was another 2 kids in that room.  The lady in that room (a nurse, I think), showed me Hareez's eyebrow.  It's swollen & had a little wound there.  I saw Hareez's tears, I knew he cried!  I asked how does it happened??  He didn't answered my question....just his eyes getting reddening & full of tears.  Couldn't speak to me, until we reached home.  Fuzah yg hantar...tq again...

So, I keep questioning him how he fell down (mcm polis pencen!)....Until I said,"abang jgn main2 ni kena kt kepala.  abang  hilang ingatan ke sampai tak ingat nk beritahu mama mcmana abang boleh jatuh?!".  Takut agaknya then he opened his mouth & said,"mula2 abang panjat batu, lepas tu jatuh kt lantai...".  I risau jugak sbb ayah I dulu jatuh kena kepala langsung kena "short term memory loss".  Tak ingat kejadian yg berlaku... Masuk hospital pun asyik tanya je kenapa dia ada kt sini berulang2 kali soalan yg sama....sampai esok hari baru ingatan dia pulih spt sediakala.  I told Hareez, "bukan mama x bagi main tapi lain kali kena lebih hati2..."

teacher's notes to parents

Sunday, February 26, 2012


From iPhone to the iPad and now iMac, he had it all!!!   He really loves Apple.  What to say, redha ajelah.  I pun bolehlah tumpang dua kaki nnti.  Komputer mmg mahal kt Qatar ni.  Harga iMac lebih mahal dlm 1k++  dari Malaysia.

iMac 27"

keyboard pun tulis arab....

iMac Magic Mouse - Touch Mouse

***EMB said, "This is my birthday present, I bought it earlier".  (sendiri punya b'day sendiri kasi hadiah....hahahaha...)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Yes, I'm Hayao Miyazaki's fan!

I've collected most of the Studio Ghibli's anime/movies.  Started to fall in love with all the movies when EMB bought "Spirited Away" - directed by Hayao Miyazaki.  Award winning at the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature at the 75th Academy Awards, the Golden Bear at the 2002 Berlin International Film Festival.  I have friends that also fans of Miyazaki & Studio Ghibli.  We exchange Dvd's, & keep updated to any Ghibli's new movie. 

Here's are the list of my collection except for no. 18 & 19....haven't got chance yet to buy!  (source:  WIKIPEDIA)

# Film Original release date Director IMDB rating Rotten Tomatoes Rating Budget (in USD$) Gross (in USD$)
1 Castle in the Sky August 2, 1986 Hayao Miyazaki




2 Grave of the Fireflies April 16, 1988 Isao Takahata




3 My Neighbor Totoro April 16, 1988 Hayao Miyazaki




4 Kiki's Delivery Service July 29, 1989 Hayao Miyazaki



$6.9 million

5 Only Yesterday July 20, 1991 Isao Takahata




6 Porco Rosso July 18, 1992 Hayao Miyazaki




7 Ocean Waves May 3, 1993 Tomomi Mochizuki




8 Pom Poko July 16, 1994 Isao Takahata




9 Whisper of the Heart July 15, 1995 Yoshifumi Kondō




10 Princess Mononoke July 12, 1997 Hayao Miyazaki



$23.5 million

11 My Neighbors the Yamadas July 17, 1999 Isao Takahata




12 Spirited Away July 27, 2001 Hayao Miyazaki



$19 million

13 The Cat Returns July 19, 2002 Hiroyuki Morita




14 Howl's Moving Castle November 20, 2004 Hayao Miyazaki



$24 million

15 Tales from Earthsea July 29, 2006 Gorō Miyazaki



$22 million

16 Ponyo July 19, 2008 Hayao Miyazaki



$34 million

17 The Secret World of Arrietty July 17, 2010 Hiromasa Yonebayashi



$23 million

18 From up on Poppy Hill July 16, 2011 Gorō Miyazaki




19 The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter[8] Summer 2013[9][10] Isao Takahata





There's one movie called Howl's Moving Castle based on novel by Diana Wynne Jones.  Soon after I watched that movie, I urged EMB to buy me that novel.  Been searching for that novel at local bookstore but couldn't get it.  At last, EMB found it at the & ordered one for me. 

pic from google

Plot summary (source:wikipedia)

A young woman named Sophie Hatter is the eldest of three daughters living in the town of Market Chipping in the magical kingdom of Ingary, where many fairy-tale tropes are accepted ways of life. She is very deft with the needle and makes the most beautiful hats and dresses. She unknowingly talks life into objects. As the eldest, she is resigned to the "fact" that she will have no chance of finding her fortune, accepting that she will have a dull life running the family hat shop—until she is turned into an old crone by the Witch of the Waste, a powerful witch who was not satisfied by Sophie's hats. Sophie leaves the shop and finds work as a cleaning lady for the notorious Howl, famed in her town for eating the hearts of beautiful young women, trying to make a bargain to be returned to her authentic age.
Sophie soon learns that Howl, a rather self-absorbed, dishonest and cavalier but ultimately good-natured person (and an extraordinary wizard), spreads these malicious rumours about himself to ensure his privacy and smear his own reputation to avoid work and responsibility. The door to his castle is actually a portal that opens onto four different places: the moving castle Sophie first encounters in the hills above Market Chipping, the seaside city of Porthaven, the royal capital of Kingsbury and Howl's boyhood home in Wales, where he was named Howell Jenkins.
Sophie strikes a bargain with Howl's resident fire demon, Calcifer: if Sophie can break the contract Howl and Calcifer have signed, then Calcifer will return Sophie to her original form. Part of the contract, however, stipulates that neither Howl nor Calcifer can disclose the terms of the contract to any third party. Sophie tries to guess the specifics of the contract, while Calcifer supplies frequent hints which Sophie usually doesn't pick up. Howl realizes that Sophie is under a spell and secretly attempts to remove the curse; when met with failure, he comes to the conclusion that Sophie wants to remain an old woman.
Howl's apprentice Michael Fisher runs most of the day-to-day affairs of Howl's business, while Howl chases his ever-changing paramours. Howl and Michael court Sophie's two younger sisters Lettie and Martha, respectively. Martha, the youngest, was sent to study magic, while the middle sister, Lettie, was apprenticed at a local bakery. Disguising herself as Lettie, Martha arranged for the two of them to switch places, as Fanny (Martha's mother and Sophie and Lettie's stepmother) did not take their wishes into account when arranging their apprenticeships.
When Prince Justin (the King's younger brother) goes missing while searching for Wizard Suliman (Benjamin Sullivan, also from Wales), the King orders Howl to find Suliman and Justin and kill the Witch of the Waste. Howl, however, has his own reasons to avoid seeking a confrontation with the Witch of the Waste; the Witch, a jaded former lover, has laid a curse on him. Howl attempts to weasel out of it by having Sophie, pretending to be his mother, petition against the appointment— but to no avail. Instead of blackening Howl's name like he asked Sophie to do, she gets him appointed the new Royal Wizard, the post he has been trying to avoid for years.
Howl continues to avoid the Witch of the Waste until she lures Sophie into a trap; believing that the Witch has taken Howl's current love interest, Lily Angorian, captive, Sophie goes to save her and is in turn captured by the Witch of the Waste. Howl comes to save Sophie and defeats the Witch of the Waste. He knew all along that Miss Angorian was actually the Witch's fire demon in disguise. The Witch's fire demon had, over the years, taken control of the Witch and, once the Witch is defeated, tries to take Howl's heart to stay alive. Howl is able to stop the demon but fails because Miss Angorian took hold of Calcifer and tried to squeeze Howl's heart out of him. Sophie uses her talent of talking things to life to break the contract between Howl and Calcifer without killing either of them. Sophie has been unconsciously retaining the spell on herself, but her concern for Howl weakens the spell, and with the death of the Witch of the Waste, who was a significant force behind the spell as well, Calcifer, as promised, breaks the spell the second she concludes the contract between him and Howl, and she returns to her proper age. When Howl awakens, he destroys the witch's fire demon. This breaks the curse on Wizard Suliman and Prince Justin, whom the Witch had fused together in an effort to create a 'perfect human' (Howl's head was meant to complete the being) to use as a puppet to rule Ingary.
Calcifer returns under the condition that he can come and go as he wishes. Sophie and Howl admit they love each other (without actually saying it) and Howl suggests they live happily ever after.

 ***soon after I read that novel, I got pregnant & I told EMB that if the baby is girl I'll definitely will name her "SOPHIE"!  That's how my daughter Sophie got her name...hahaha...

Hayao Miyazaki - pic from:  wikipedia
this is my lovely Totoro (large forest spirit), my favourite character from "My Neighbour Totoro"

Friday, February 24, 2012

Makan, makan, makan & makan

EMB dijemput ke rmh oleh ex-collegue dia masa kerja kt Kuantan dulu.  Seorang muallaf Indian dr India.  Sudah few years kerja kt Qatar stlh habis kontrak di Kuantan.  So, dptlah we all merasa authentic Indian food!  Semuanya home-cooked meal, wife dia masak.

nasi beriani

mutton curry

roti arab

kuih India (rasanya vadei) & spicy milk tea (hmmm...dlm teh pun dorang taruk rempah)

an Indian sweets (dessert), rasa spicy jugak & byk nuts mcm almond, sunflower seeds...mcm2 lagi la, tapi I x boleh nk trace semua bhn2nya

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Al Khor Fish Market

kt sini lah I dptkan bekalan ikan & seafood

ada satu kedai yg pekerja India pandai cakap Melayu

fish cleaning, nk siang udang sotong pun boleh...upah cleaning dlm QR5.00 (RM4.15)

temp. semalam....

temp. hari ni

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Souq Waqif

Located behind the Corniche, off Grand Hamed St, Souq Waqif is a showpiece of traditional architecture, handicrafts and folk art, and was once a weekend trading area for the Bedouin.
Meaning “standing market” in Arabic, the Souq evokes the feeling of ancient Arabic heritage and community. Beginning in 2004, the Souq was renovated according to traditional Qatari architectural techniques, using authentic materials.

The only traditional souq to remain in the Gulf, it’s now a charming labyrinth of narrow streets where visitors can bargain and purchase an amazingly diverse range of products including spices, dried fruit, nuts, perfumes, local honey, clothing, oud, incense, pots, tools and garden equipment, as well as Bedouin weaving, gypsum handicrafts, model dhows, wooden brass-studded bridal chests, pictures of ‘old Doha’, and paintings by Qatari artists.

A visit to one of the falcon shops is a unique experience – some shopkeepers will allow you to photograph and handle the birds while explaining equipment and training.

Open from 10 am – 12 pm and 4 pm – 10 pm, Souq Waqif is one of the liveliest place in Doha, boasting an increasing number of restaurants, where you can taste traditional Qatari food and various specialties from the Middle-East.

There are several traditional cafés and restaurants which open until late (some 24 hours). Sample local delicacies or try the traditional shisha or water pipe, often referred to as ‘hubbly-bubbly’ because of the noise it makes. There are regular displays of folk dance and music, particularly on festive occasions, and opportunities to photograph donkeys with traditional patterned saddles. Source:
 **Every weekend ada event kt situ katanya.  Sbb kebetulan masa I pergi souq last Saturday evening ada event, mcm2 persembahan ada.