Monday, December 19, 2011

Qatar National Day on Dec 18th

Yesterday was Qatar National Day.  We've got lunch invitation @ EMB's friend's place.  Located about 80km away from Doha.  His friend picked us up @ the hotel.  Thanks for the invitation & yummy food they have prepared for us.  As we excited chit-chatting with each other, I forgot to snap some photos of the yummy food.  But it's okay, there's always be next time.  Till then, cuci2 mata with our dinner photo taken last night!  More info about Qatar National day, pls read here.

actually I want to capture one Qatari car, which is decorated weirdly to celebrate their National Day.  But I missed that one!
EMB's friend's house
Caesar Salad with Prawn QR60
Macaroni & Cheese QR30
Chocolate Brownie A la Mode QR40
Traditional Um Ali QR40
Butter Chicken Curry served with saffron rice, raita & papadam QR95
saffron rice
Grilled Strip Loin Steak QR140
Middle Eastern Mixed Grill QR180
Banana Split QR45


  1. mak aii,byknya makanan.. nyum,nyum..

  2. K kasihredha: m'sia lagi syurga makanan rasanya.

    K halima: Waalaikumussalam, huh lupa apa tu?

    Wanie: sila sila....jamu mata....