Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What a day!

My husband's broke down @ his office, while "my car" (actually also his car - I use this car to fetch my kids from school) still in the workshop. So, we have one car now until the other car been fixed. It because of battery "kong" (he forgot to turn off the light since morning). When he want to go out to fetch the kids from school, the engine can't start up. He called me to ask my neighbor to fetch to kids from school as he couldn't make it. So, I called my neighbor & ask for help. Thanks to her for helping me...

My husband came back home only during Maghrib.....long story. Ok, dinner ready for him. After he perform Maghrib prayer, we sat on dining table began our conversation. Long story cut short, he told me that he called AAM (because we member of AAM)around 12 something...AAM called its panel in Dungun (which is the nearest to his workplace, but the panel called someone else to go there. He wait & wait until evening, nobody turn up...once again he called AAM. Then, the AAM panel called him, he told that he asked someone else to go there, he thought everything settled already. He then, rushed there by himself. Just to change a battery, nothing else. "The panel are chinese & and the other guy is from Malay workshop" the malay one just dissapeared like that, don't even answer call from my husband after he called my to tell that he may late to go there. I don't know why is this happened...tak mau bisnes kaaa....??

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