Monday, November 22, 2010

TGV @ Mesra Mall & to-do-list

Who says in Kerteh got nothing to do??? Now we have TGV to watch movies, & we even have bowling lanes to play bowling.....Just 5 minutes driving from my I have a chance to watch midnight show with my husband. Since the kids are not around for about a month, I have lots to are the lists:

1. Tension pimples popped out non-stop on my face - it's time to go facial
2. Cutting the grass keliling rumah
3. Planting the banana tree - just did this morning
4. WalkWalkFindEat - undecided yet where to go
5. Ganti puasa - baru nk masuk 2 hari ganti
6. Shopping - can't overspent, have to save a lot of money for the "biggestest" things
7. Tenang2kan fikiran which means do anything I like
8. Watching midnight show - waiting for the right movie