Saturday, August 28, 2010

Puasa di kampung

Last Thursday I went back to my hometown in Kelantan. Saja nk feel suasana berpuasa kt kampung I, yang dah lama I tak rasa. Well, suasana mmg tak sama mcm dulu lagi...all the stall during ramadhan moved to other place...mungkin more convenient utk org dtg beli compared to the existing pasar.

Our pasar quite meriah once upon a time. People form other places came here to buy juadah berbuka puasa. But now, I don't know why year by year makin kurang org yg jual2 kt pasar tu. Sure, sikit tahun lagi pasar tu akan "mati" dgn sendirinya....I don't see the spirit in previous years....years when my late grandmother was one of the penjual kuih muih...really miss her kuih so much...her cendol, onde2 gula melaka, puteri mandi and lots more kuih she made...

Luckily, my mom prepared my favourite dish "ketupat sotong" I ate it and taste like heaven...thanks to my mom for that! Baru boleh merasa ayam percik yg kuah dia white colour not the percik yg red colour tu....tak ori...Ordered earlier serunding daging kt my mom, if not, it will be sold out!! Dekat2 nk raya ni mmg laku serunding daging..

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