Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Souq Waqif

Located behind the Corniche, off Grand Hamed St, Souq Waqif is a showpiece of traditional architecture, handicrafts and folk art, and was once a weekend trading area for the Bedouin.
Meaning “standing market” in Arabic, the Souq evokes the feeling of ancient Arabic heritage and community. Beginning in 2004, the Souq was renovated according to traditional Qatari architectural techniques, using authentic materials.

The only traditional souq to remain in the Gulf, it’s now a charming labyrinth of narrow streets where visitors can bargain and purchase an amazingly diverse range of products including spices, dried fruit, nuts, perfumes, local honey, clothing, oud, incense, pots, tools and garden equipment, as well as Bedouin weaving, gypsum handicrafts, model dhows, wooden brass-studded bridal chests, pictures of ‘old Doha’, and paintings by Qatari artists.

A visit to one of the falcon shops is a unique experience – some shopkeepers will allow you to photograph and handle the birds while explaining equipment and training.

Open from 10 am – 12 pm and 4 pm – 10 pm, Souq Waqif is one of the liveliest place in Doha, boasting an increasing number of restaurants, where you can taste traditional Qatari food and various specialties from the Middle-East.

There are several traditional cafés and restaurants which open until late (some 24 hours). Sample local delicacies or try the traditional shisha or water pipe, often referred to as ‘hubbly-bubbly’ because of the noise it makes. There are regular displays of folk dance and music, particularly on festive occasions, and opportunities to photograph donkeys with traditional patterned saddles. Source: http://www.qatartourism.gov.qa/pillars/index/1/leisure/267
 **Every weekend ada event kt situ katanya.  Sbb kebetulan masa I pergi souq last Saturday evening ada event, mcm2 persembahan ada.


  1. waaahhh... seronoknya.. macam2 ada..

  2. i like... i like
    suka tengok...meriah je
    nanti byk2 le upload gambar kat sana ye

    1. Insyaallah kak...kalau ada jln mana2 lagi I upload byk2 ok!

  3. Salam Yong,

    wah best gi pasar-pasar ni...tp nampak moden. Akak rasa souq tradisional ada kot kat luar bandar besor Yong? Tadi akak ke bazar Istanbul jugak tp sempat ke kedai-kedai diluar jer, tak sempat nak nyongket belah dalam. Cuaca skrang cam ner?

    1. Waalakumussalam kak,

      best...haah agaknya dh dimodenkan. Nak jugak merasa souq yg betul2 traditional, tapi setakat ni x jumpa lagi tempat yg mcm tu. Nntilah, I explore pelan2 Qatar ni. Oh, cuaca skrg masih lagi sejuk...sandstorm pun kerap juga jadi. Org kata bila pertukaran musim sejuk ke musim panas, selalu la jadi sandstorm...