Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Scarring are scaring

Scarring are cause great fear to me.  I'm afraid to have those scars forever.  Ah yes, that was acne scars I'm talking about.  I tried & enjoyed using SK-II but then it doesn't treat the acne itself.  But my skin feel so soft, supple & look radiant.  So, my hub - Encik Mata Brown , asked me to stop SK-II journey first, then starts another journey...he said to me, "Treat your acne first, then once the problem solved, continue SK-II".  Yerp!  He sponsored the acne treatment kit for me....tenkiu laling...I LAP U...ni sayang lebih ni...muahahaha....

FYI, he used to write an article about acne treatment few years back...He told me one day, there's a remedy to clear acne, "You must consume green apples (granny smith) for a few days with no other food...just the apples...",  I rolled up my eyes, "What, I couldn't lasts 1 day without having other food...",  (hehehe...mmg jenis enjoy mkn nk buat macamana kan...).

I have learned so many things about how to avoid acne so far.  Here's are the listings:-
  1.  Avoid excessive sun exposure
  2. Vitamin supplements - avoid supplements with iodine amounts greater than the RDA of 150mcg (it may worsen acne if greater than RDA).  I have stopped taking my multivitamins & minerals supplement now...
  3. Avoid over-washing face & acne-prone areas
  4. Don't pick your skin
  5. Avoid touching your face
  6. Reduce stress
  7. Follow a few simple rules when exercising - hats/helmets & tight-fitting clothes cause friction that can lead to inflammation, & they can trap sweat & bacteria next to your skin.
  8. Pay attention to your diet - greasy foods don't contribute to acne, but dariry products may.  Skim milk was the worst.  It's not the fat, but the hormones in milk that are the culprit.  Foods that contain iodides, such as shell fish and soy sauce, may also aggravate acne.  If you notice any foods that make you break out, avoid them.
***source from:  Face the facts - Dr Katie Rodan & Dr Kathy Fields

I love to share because I care to those who have break outs on their skin like me....I understand, acne can be even more hurtful inside that it is on the outside.....

yes, I'm currently using these products to treat my acne
**Photo from here


Acne is NOT caused by:
  • Dirt
  • Chocolate
  • French fries or greasy foods
***source from:  Face the facts - Dr Katie Rodan & Dr Kathy Fields


  1. kita dok tepi laut ni, kena pakai sunblock everyday rasanya..

    dolu2 i guna clinique.. pastu dah saturated kot... suka turnaround cream dia sbb hilangkan parut.. bila dah ok terus tak pakai..

    nowadays i guna rotate de'wajah & sri mawar.. local product.. tapi i tak guna night cream sbb kuat sgt.. so far i puas hati.. utk jerawat, u shud try krim kunyit tia amelia.. also local product.. and i puas hati jgk..

    but.. lain kulit, lain keberkesanannya.. but no harm trying.. sbb local product ada beginner's pack yg kecik2 tu, can last 3 months..

  2. thanks Mulan coz sudi berkongsi, will try it later if yg ini x effective...baru 4 hari pakai ni. Jerawat x boleh dibiarkan...kena treat segera, kalau tidak ia boleh berpanjangan. Adult acne ni lagi teruk rasanya dr pimple yg biasa I kena masa zmn sekolah dulu...sigh..

  3. Dlu rsanya kulit k ruby x dak masalah kan..ok je wanie tgk,apasal la skrg da prob plak..kalo try produk ni x dak gud efek,k ruby try g jumpa DR tgk.Cousin wanie dlu ada prob camni pas dok try mcm2 produk x berkesan,jerawat nek x berenti2.lani muka dia dh ok pas pkai produk yg DR suggest tu..

  4. Wanie: ni last dh rasanya, x jadi yg ni k ruby nekad nk ke Dr....