Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Doha Zoo

Opening Hours, Location, Prices & Review

Where is it?

A giraffe at Doha Zoo.Drive up Salwa road to the large roundabout by the Industrial area (it's called "fort roundabout", but the fort has disappeared), turn right onto Al Furousiya Street, follow the road along and you will find Doha Zoo to your left.

What's There?

According to the zoo's brochure it has over 800 specimens, but as the brochure looks like it was made in the 1970s, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of that. 

 Still, the zoo, while not matching the quality of large Western equivalents, makes for a pleasant day out. Many of the animals have large enclosures, with the gazelles, deer and antelope looking the happiest.
In contrast, the big cats seem bored in their much-too-small cages, and there seem to be serious problems with the elephant. There are some native Qatari species, including ostriches and Oryx. Information about the animals is provided in English, although rather spasmodically. (We'd like to tell you the animals were well-looked afterwards, but wildlife experts have told us they have serious concerns about how the zoo looks after the animals.)
There is no indoor section for the creepy crawlies you’d expect in Europe, but the landscaping, pools and flowers are very welcome in this dry country. The water and greenery attract so many birds that the bird song can be almost deafening! Children will also appreciate the play area, while adults will appreciate Islamic style gardens.
Being Qatar, there is no reason to use your legs in the zoo, a train (pulled by a tractor) is available to take you on a tour of the zoo. The trip starts and ends at the gates, staggering distance from the waiting land cruiser.

Opening Hours

Saturday to Sunday: 9 a.m – 6.30 p.m.
Tuesdays: women only
Wednesday: families only
Fridays: 1.30 - 6.30

Contact Details

Tel: +974 44 68 2610

Source:  Qatar Visitor

Entrance Fees:  Adults - QR5.00
                        Children less than 9 years old  - QR2.00

***Fikiran dh terbang ke tanahair, jasad je masih ada di sini...Nk tulis2 pun dh xde mood... x sabar dh ni!


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    1. k kasihredha: haah...anak2lah yg paling enjoy!
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  2. Dah sampai zoo....faez x pernah lagi pergi zoo ni. Huhu
    Mesti excited time nak packing2 tu kan. Enjoy ur cuti2 msia!

    1. Faez: Doha Zoo ni xde apa sgt kalau dibandingkan dgn Zoo Negara. Tapi ok lah dr xde kan...

      Packing2 x start lagi ni. Next week baru nk start...thank you faez...doakan perjalanan kami selamat pergi & balik serta dipermudahkan segala urusan (mohon sgt2 supaya tiada masalah di airport nnti terutamanya tiket tu...)

  3. waahhh.. seronok tu.. tapi semestinya feeling nak balik lagi seronok kan..!!!

    1. Mulan: silap time pergi zoo time musim panas! x boleh nk seronok2 sgt...bahanggg!! mestilah feeling nk balik lagi seronok..hehe..

  4. Salam Yong Ruby,
    macam tak ramai pelawat. Ehh bila balik Msia?

    1. Waalaikumussalam kak,
      mcmana nk ramai pelawat tgh panas berdenting tu! pergi zoo secara x dirancang. nk buat aktiviti lain x jadi, tiba2 buat keputusan pergi zoo...