Monday, January 9, 2012


EMB told me that he heard footsteps on the roof.  Heard noises & children footsteps, around 10.00pm before he fell asleep.  He woke up and checked on the kids, they already slept safe & sound at the living room.  At first, he thought the kids still awake.  And whose footsteps is that???  Creepy...I pushed myself to think positive, maybe there's a party or somebody up there...walking around to take some fresh air.

......and the next day, to make it clear, we climbed upstairs to check on the rooftop, what we found was locked door.....there's nothing on the rooftop except aircond thing....How can anyone can walk in middle of the night on the rooftop??  Serammmm.....I better not knowing this!!!


  1. haiyaaa... so seram... hopefully musang/tikos..

    waahh.. seronok jalan2 makan2 hari jumaat..

  2. rats or foxes?.. hope everything was okey ..
    (teringat masa dok umh mama dulu, dgr mcm nilah kat atas bumbung)..

  3. k kasihredha: kalau animals xpe, jgn yg "itu"

    Mulan: hopefully tikos la.....kakot!! Seminggu sekali je boleh kuar jln2

    Wanie: everything's fine, try to think positive....Adi dia jenis special sikit, ada 6th sense. k ruby xde dgr apa2 pun setakat ni. dia sorang je yg dgr...