Monday, January 17, 2011

Hubby says....

We went shopping @ Giant Kijal yesterday. On the way back, I told him that I bought sweet corn kernels to D.I.Y @ home. Coz my kids love cup corn so much...My husband ask me how much per pack the corn kernels? I answered," I don't know how much"....then he replied...,"Now Ruby shopping without even looking at the price tag! hahahaa..." know what does he means...??? It means that I'm now manyak mewah oooo....Pandai he teased me huh!? I told him that I'm still the same...still looking @ the price tag for the expensive branded item...but for the cheap unbranded item like that, why must I look at the price tag coz I knew that the price will not go more than RM6.00!
sweet corn kernels - RM5.89

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