Tuesday, September 20, 2011

When penDragon met Mulan....

In the morning as usual I checked my emails, surprised by the message sent by Mulan to my fb. She's free today. so, we can meet up. I finished up my house chores, prepare lunch for EMB & the kids, then, straightaway headed to Mesra Mall. Our meeting point is at RC. Soon after Mulan arrived, I can recognised her! After salam2 & greet each other, we went to RC.

Well, Mulan is a nice lady. She's friendly and I feel like knowing her for ages! Then, sambil makan2...chit chatting...It's ok Mulan, though I'm not the talkative type of person but I'm a good listener you know! hahaha...

I had a great time with her today. Oh, thanks for the treats & the gifts & the souvenirs. Next time my turn pulak belanja you ok!!

Mulan, Sophie & me @ Mesra Mall


she even gave me an Eiffel Tower!

a fridge magnet...

and this cute little bag/pouch
Thank you very much Mulan!!  Want to read more about Mulan recent trip to Europe?  Pls click here.


  1. ayoooo... so malu muka takde spek besor... nasib blurr blurr je...

    thanx sebab sudi spend time dengan kita pagi tadi.. u know this minah cannot stop talking & sokmo nya excited kalau jumpa kenkawan..

  2. tu la...ingat nk letak spek besor, tapi x reti pulak...xpe gambar ni pun xde la clear sgt kan...

    my pleasure Mulan...hahaha...seronok dgr cerita2 you..

  3. Salam Yong Dragon,

    Mana spek besor Yong Mulan tu? Tertinggal ke...ha ha! Molek tu yg dok berjiran jumpa sokmo!

  4. waalaikumussalam yong...,

    tu ler, dia dh malu dh tu xde spek besor! lama dh plan nk jumpa, tapi baru kali ni menjadi nya...

  5. salam kenal
    selalu baca comment pen dragon kat blog antara 2 benua :) dan dah lama jadi silent reader :))

    bestnya dapat ole2 dr Mulan :)
    akak follow

  6. kasihredha,

    salam kenal juga! hehehe...best...Mulan pun best, byk kena belajar dgn dia ni...

    tq kak for following me, I'll follow you back!!