Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Alhamdulillah....we got the US visa!!!!

We're planning to visit USA by mid-May of this year. So that, the main thing we have to do is:

1. Fill up the US visa application form online(DS-160 application form). Once completed, we have to go to Standard Chartered Bank to pay US Visa fees & VFS fees....the total fees around RM480.00/person.

2. Go to www.ustraveldocs.com/my & make appointment online.

3. Once the appointment been made, go to the Embassy for an interview & fingerscanning.

4. If visa approved, our visa can be collected during the next working day @ the address chosen when we made an appointment...They also can courier to us if we choose to.

I refused to apply visa before, I'm so scared. Because I have read in the internet a few experiences of US visa interview. I have made up my mind & told my hubby "If I been denied US visa, would you pls bring me to UK??". It's just to sooth my head, to make my heart calm a bit.

On the interview day, we left from Unisel (hubby's parent's house) right after fajr prayer. It was still dark out there. You know, it's KL (traffic jam here & there)...we have to arrive at the Embassy 10 minutes before the interview. I mean 10 minutes before the axact time we have to be at the entrance...at the security post. I couldn't talk nor speak as my heartbeat keep pounding very fast. My cool hubby keep driving & he seems so relax, not like me. Luckily we managed to arrive there at 8.00am before the interview time at 8.20am. Oh, here are the listings of the document we have to bring during the interview:
1. Valid passport
2. DS-160 (CAEC) Confirmation letter
3. 2" X 2" color photo with white background
4. Supporting documents (e.g.I-20, DS2019, SEVIS receipt, letters, bank statement etc)
***and one more, pls do not forget to bring the slip copy of US Visa Fees Deposit Form

Before the security let us pass, they may asked handbags, wallets, cellphones, to be scanned. Cellphones & any electronic/bettery operated device have to be left at the security. After that, they let us pass through....and yet another security check at the entrance of the office...and then, we pressed the machine to get our queue number. Waiting until the number been called.

Everything went well & smooth. But still I feel panicked a bit, heard others been interviewed...some tough, some easy...Then our number been called at last...

Thank god, we got nice interviewer. He just asked us a few simple questions and tadaaaaa....our visa has been approved!! Not so tough as I thought it would be. Suddenly my stomach started growling...feeling hungry, before the interview I have no appetite to eat at all! "OK", my hubby said to me "Let's celebrate this, what do you want to eat?". I replied "I want to eat at Subway pls..."

Off we go, to The Gardens Mall having breakfast there....Now I can eat & smile widely. There's another story @ Subway...When my hubby wants to pay at the counter, the cashier asked him, "Bayar sekali ke?" hubby replied'"aah...bayar sekali". Maybe he thought we were just officemate out for breakfast. Whatever, that day was Friday...& still morning & yet we both are wearing office attire!

we both wearing the same color...blue is our lucky color on that day!



  1. Bestnya pi US. Saya x mampu lagi nak ke sana. hehehe

  2. saya baru nk start berjln jauh cikgu tuan...inilah 1st time saya nk ke oversea...paling jauh sblm ni pun setakat s'pore je. Cikgu tuan lagi byk pengalaman & jauh perjalanan dr saya. Tapi shhhhhh....diam2 je cikgu tuan, hanya yg baca blog ni saja yg tahu saya nk pegi US nnti. Blog ni sebenarnya jadi mcm travelog saya la...catatan perjalanan...tempat mkn yg pernah saya try....