Saturday, July 31, 2010

Gerai makan kt tepi Pantai sura Dungun

Ntah ler...susah betul nk cari tempat makan yg kena dgn selera kt sini. I rasa nk try burger baru mcD but my husband refused nk pegi mkn mcD. So, lajak punya lajak terus ke Dungun which is 30 over km away from our house...x tahu nk mkn kt mana last2 berenti kt deretan gerai2 kt tepi pantai sura yg dekat UiTM Dungun tu.

We ordered mee sup 2, nasi air, laksa penang, rojak ayam, cendol, tea o ais limau and air suam. pastu I amik goreng2 for me and my kids...fishball...sotong celup tepung etc. The the result is......we are so dissapointed...the mee sup was sooooo masin, nasi air: so-so, the worst is laksa penang...the kuah was so cair, tulang ikan bersepah kt dlm tu, the laksa itself rasa mcm mkn plastik...keras semacam. cendol was tasteless...x sedap langsung. This time I realized how I miss cendol pakcik yg kt depan Alliance Bank Jln Beserah Kuantan (in front of Ten Ten Jln Beserah). Dari zaman student sampai I beranak-pinak skrg pakcik tu masih jual kt situ. Cendol dia marvellous...boleh mintak cendol ABC, cendol pulut (pulut bakar....pergh!!!)....

Melalut pulak I sbb terbayang2 cendol pakcik tu, next week before puasa if I turun kuantan nnti nk mintak my husband singgah kt gerai cendol pakcik tu. continue cerita tadi pasal makan kt tepi pantai sura tu. I makan pun mulut mengomel2 komplen kt my husband, kata x sedap, makan x puas..bila dh abis makan I panggil waiter kita...guess how much we all kena????!!! It's RM30.00...we all x puashati suruh dia kira semula....kira punya kira dia kata RM29.00 pulak dah....eee....rasa mcm x padan je mkn mcm tu kena dekat RM30.00. Pastu we all terus pangkah gerai tu....first and last mkn kt situ. Kalau mkn kt Pizza Hut pun RM30.00 tu dh sedap + kenyang + puashati. On the way back tu, my husband membebel2 dan dia mcm dh merajuk xnak pegi dh kedai tu (hehehehe dia yg bayar kan...).

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Me & my asthma

I got mild asthma attack since last week. It's always associate with my allergy/sinus. I'm allergic to some food...and when I ate those food, I started to sneezing all them time, itchy and running nose, sore throat and so on. After that, coughing will took place...and asthma will attack me at that time.
I feel so lazy to see doctor. Luckily I got my inhaler at home, and for cough treatment I use "ubat batuk cap ibu & anak". It doesn't help much, but it's okay now cause I use honey as natural remedy to treat my cough & asthma. Feel much better today.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Durian Feast!

Yesterday, our neighbor invited us to makan pulut durian at their house. I don't eat durian at all...not because I hate the king of fruit but I just don't like the stays longer in my mouth. So, I prefer not to eat....

It was just simple pulut durian but my husband enjoyed it very much...since her wife don't eat durian, dia pun xde chance lah nk makan at, my kids pun hanya si kakak tu je mkn durian...the rest pun follow I, x pandai nk mkn durian...

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Moving from Kuantan to Kerteh

It was a month now we live here in Kerteh. Not so much fun here. But it was sooooooooooooo......peaceful living here in kampong. I like it here. Where I have more space for my cars, kids can play all around inside our house compound and sometimes monkeys were hanging around at the backyard, but they are all afraid of us!


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Own Blog at Last....

I don't know what to say on this very first entry....well, I'm very happy that I have created my own blog after all this while I just using my husband's blog. From now on I can share anything about my passion...TRAVEL & FOOD.....